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December 2022

Grace and Truth: A Response to Craig Groeschel

A Resonse to Craig Groeschel’s Devotional on John 1:14
I appreciate what Craig Groeschel has done. Just the YouVersion alone is a tremendous accomplishment of his church and him. Thank you Craig!

However, I must take Craig to task for his YouVersion devotional video of December 22, 2022, with thoughts given concerning John 1:14. I wanted to share the video, or link to it, here, but you’ll have to go to YouVersion to see it for yourself as I couldn’t find a way to share the video from the app.

In it, he makes a common error of our age. He contrasts grace and truth like these are in competition with each other. He uses examples of “truthers,” those whose kids go wild once they are on their own as they’ve had all truth and very little grace. Then he talks about those who emphasize grace rather than truth and become relativists.
I understand what he is saying, or, rather, attempting to say. The problem is that he is using a completely wrong exegesis and application of the Scriptures.
Grace are truth are not in tension with each other at all. Jesus was 100% full of grace and truth!
The tension is not between grace and truth.